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About Us

Founded in 1991, Dritherm International Inc. was established to manufacture and distribute DriTherm™ as the ideal balance of thermal and cost efficient field applied underground insulation. Prior to 1991, an identical formula was sold and distributed in North America as Protexulate beginning in the late 1960’s. The founder of Dritherm International and former Protexulate Inc. salesman brought DriTherm™ to market as the ideal replacement for Protexulate and to continue expanding the underground pour-in-place market. This unique formula has the single longest track record for field applied underground insulation on the market today.



Celebrating Over 20 Years of Success and Innovation

Over our 20+ year history Dritherm International Inc. has continually worked to improve all aspects of our business. We are focused on providing high quality products, developing a world class sales & distribution network, and providing expertise for the benefit of our customer base.


Our customers include 100\'s of major colleges, universities, prisons, military bases, and municipalities with district heating systems in nearly all 50 states. Dritherm™ has a proven track record that speaks for itself.


If you have a project that requires underground insulation a technical salesman can help you determine if DriTherm™ is appropriate for your application. We can review designs, technical drawings, and heat loss calculations and offer suggestions for specifying engineers.


Positive Sales & Marketing Pledge

Dritherm International Inc. pledges to employ positive sales and marketing methods. We are in business to help and support our customers for their ultimate success. We wish to build our business through the positive experiences of our customers and the solid track record of our products.


Quality Policy

Each lot of DriTherm™ is typically tested and certified prior to shipment for the critical properties that ensure its insulative properties. We guarantee that our material is of the highest purity and consistently meets or exceeds our product specifications for 1 year after shipment (see product data sheet for warranty details).