DriTherm International Inc.


DriTherm is designed to provide the ideal balance of performance and value for underground thermal installations. Applications include buried thermal pipes including steam, hot and chilled water pipes. The combination of performance, quick local availability, and simple installation often make DriTherm the s mart choice. The following are some examples of DriTherm\'s applications:

Underground Pipe Repair

DriTherm™ Sample App #1: Underground Pipe Repair

Dritherm™ is available for drop shipment from one of our (5) regional factories within just a few days. This makes it ideal for an emergency underground steam pipe repair. Combine it with a layer of Pyrogel XTE for extra protection against corrosion and mechanical damage.

PDF Pipe Repair Data Sheet


Underground Pipe Repair

DriTherm™ Sample App #2: Underground Valve Insulation

Underground valves are notoriously difficult to insulate. Dritherm™ is highly effective method for insulating these valves to prevent corrosion and excessive heat loss. Valves can be covered in 4-5" of Dritherm™ by creating a box form around the vales, and placing a pipe sleeve to allow for easy access to the valve stem.

PDF Valve Insulation Data Sheet