DriTherm International Inc.

Case Study II: DriTherm at University of Texas Southwest Medical Center

Steam and condensate line replacement project on The University of Texas Southwest Medical Center campus.


This project arose because of the significant condensate losses UT was experiencing from a failed pre-insulated line that was less than 20 years old. The physical plant staff chose to abandon the pre-insulated line and replace it with 1500 feet of new 10" steam (125 psig) and 6" condensate steel piping insulated with a poured-in-place insulation. After a thorough review of poured-in-place products, the staff selected DriTherm® Insulation for its hydrophobic properties, corrosion protection and proven thermal efficiencies.


DriTherm® proved to be significantly less costly to install than alternate materials considered. Most importantly, the DriTherm® did not require compacting, so the installation went very quickly. The contractor simply poured in the DriTherm® and then backfilled. Plus, no compacting ensured that the site\'s material requirements matched the estimates provided by the factory. As shown in this photo, Lone Star incorporated a number of cost saving installation concepts including: free form trenching and temporary sling style pipe supports. Lone Star reports the line is operating flawlessly. Manufactured in Marble Falls Texas, the DriTherm® material was on site just a couple of hours after it left the factory. The DriTherm® formula has been the recognized leader for over 40 years.